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FIXD PMU Removal 

What is FIXD PMU Removal? 

FIXD is a solution that is implanted into the skin to remove Permanent Makeup (and even small tattoos). The process is very similar to having a PMU treatment in that fine needles and used to gently layer the removal solution into the skin. 

This is an alternative to Laser removal treatment, or can be used after laser removal to take out the residual colour that can be left behind. 

Manual removal methods do not focus on 1 colour at a time, and therefore can be used to effectively fade and remove pigment without huge colour shifts (ie you dont have to walk around with orange eyebrows for 1 month)!

The area can look lighter immediately after your 1st treatment and as they heal the pigment will be pulled further out of the skin. 

Sessions required vary from 1-6 depending on the area, the pigment type, the depth it was implanted at and your skin type. 


FIXD PMU Removal Cost

FIXD is charged at £60 per session, inclusive of aftercare. 

Sessions must be a minimum of 4-6 weeks apart, depending on your skin type. Up to 6 sessions may be required. 

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Pre-treatment Advice 

You may NOT have a FIXD Tattoo Removal:

​• If you are a haemophiliac.
​• If you are under 18 years old.
​• If you are pregnant or breast feeding.
​• If you are prone to or have hypo/hyper pigmentation.
​• If you have a problem with healing or have a tendency to keloid scar.
​• If you have an active skin irritation/ sunburn or flare up of eczema/ rosacea/ acne in the area to be treated.
​• ​If you are taking any blood thinning substances - medications, Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin E supplements.​
​• If you are diabetic or have high blood pressure which is not under control. (A doctors note may still be required).

You must wait:
​• 4 weeks - if you've had Botox, dermal filler or other advanced skin treatments
​• 1 year - if you've been prescribed Accutane, Isotretinoin, or other strong retinoids.
​• Until medically cleared - if you've undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy.​

​Before your appointment, please follow these guidelines
• Day of service: Do not consume alcohol, coffee or energy drinks.
• 24 hours of service: Do not consume alcohol, aspirin or ibuprofen.
• 1 week of service: Do not consume any blood thinning supplements such as fish oil or vitamin E. Do not pluck or wax your brows.
• 2 weeks of service: Do not sunbathe or use tanning beds.
• 2-3 weeks of service: Discontinue the use or retinoids and exfoliating acids.

Aftercare Advice 

✔ Do

• Keep your brows as clean and dry as you can for the first 7-10 days.

• Use a clean pillow case at night to prevent infection. 
• Avoid steamy baths, showers, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for the first 14 days.
​• Avoid direct sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks.

✘ Don’t

• Touch or scratch your eyebrows – Touching and picking will cause irritation and could lead to infection. 
• Put make up, cleansers, lotions (other than provided) on or close to your brows for 1-2 weeks to avoid irritation and cross contamination.
• Have facials, lash extensions, brow tinting or other face beauty treatments done for 2 weeks to avoid irritation and cross contamination.
• Use sunbeds, chemical peels or any strong face treatment (unless it's from your eyes down) for 4 weeks as your skin will not be healed.

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