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All About EYES

Here you will find all of the information you need to know both before and after your Eyeliner treatment. 

Please read this information fully - Pre-treatment care and aftercare play a big part in the healed results you will receive and the longevity of your treatment. 

Its a long read... But its worth it for best results!

Contraindications for treatment 

There are certain things which will restrict when or if you can have an eyeliner tattoo done. Please read the information below and get in touch if you need any help.​

You may NOT have a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo done:
​• If you are a haemophiliac.
​• If you are under 18 years old.
​• If you are pregnant or breast feeding.
​• If you are prone to or have hypo/hyper pigmentation (unless it has been stable for many years).
​• If you have a problem with healing or have a tendency to keloid scar.
​• If you have an active skin irritation / sunburn or flare up of eczema / rosacea / acne in the area to be tattooed.
​• ​If you are taking any blood thinning substances - Medications, Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin E supplements.​
​• If you are diabetic or have high blood pressure which is not under control. (A doctors note may still be required).
​• ​If you're unable to take a break from sweaty, wet, high impact exercise for 14 days.

You must wait:
​​• Until fully healed/ cleared up - if you have an eye infection, sty or conjunctivitis.
▪ 2 weeks - if you've got lash extensions or had a lash lift.
​• 4 weeks - if you've had Botox, dermal filler or similar treatments around the area (including chemical peels/ intense skin treatment).
​• 2+ months - if you use lash growth serums.
​• 1 year - if you've been prescribed Accutane, Isotretinoin, or other strong retinoids.
​• Until medically cleared - if you've undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Pre-treatment Advice 

​Before your appointment, please follow these guidelines:

• Day of service: Do not wear contact lenses, mascara / eye make up, or consume alcohol, coffee or energy drinks.
• 24 hours of service: Do not consume alcohol, aspirin or Ibuprofen
• 1 week of service: Do not consume any fish oil or vitamin E supplements.
• 2 weeks of service: Do not sunbathe or use tanning beds.
• 2-3 weeks of service: Discontinue the use or retinoids and exfoliating acids.

It would be helpful if:
• You could wash your hair before your appointment to decrease the risk of soaking your eyes during the first few days post service.
​• You could make sure there is absolutely no mascara or lash glue residue on your eyelashes before your appointment.
​• You could take an antihistamine (if not allergic) to help with hay fever symptoms if your eyes are usually affected.

Other Things to Consider 

​Swelling & bruising - it is extremely common for your eyes to swell and bruise. These are temporary side effects and will settle within 48 hours.

Your eye shape/ eyelid skin/ veins/ creases (thin, scarred, sun damage, wrinkles etc.) - your skin will effect the result and the shape we can achieve.

Your natural lash colour - we may want/need to tone down the darkness of the ink if you're naturally fairer.

Your natural lash thickness - some clients have thick lash hair which can make implanting ink a little harder.

Existing cosmetic tattooing - some previous work can be covered. In some cases removal will be required prior to a new eyeliner tattoo. 

Lifestyle choices that can affect long term results - for example tanning beds or lash growth serum.

Face products - Retinols, anti-ageing creams, chemical peels, harsh exfoliants or cleansers are all designed to alter or strip the skin faster hence having an affect on your tattoo!

Frequent medications/ antibiotics - some medications will affect retention (such as Accutane).

Allergies to tattoo ink, make up, nickel, numbing creams etc - A patch test is provided but may not be conclusive. 

Other appointments such as dermal filler/ botox - Due to cross contamination, please allow some healing time before going to these appointments after your service with me.  

Swimming/ Spa days/ Nights out/ Weddings - Please allow sufficient time before any significant events, or book your appointment AFTER any such events. You need to allow for proper aftercare and healing time.


Holidays to hot locations - You are best waiting until after your holiday or getting your service totally finished and healed 2-4 weeks before your holiday. This will mean you can wear sun cream and enjoy the pool without worrying. Please wear a high factor sun cream to protect your skin and cosmetic tattooing! Regardless of sun protection, excessive UV/sun exposure will result in the pigment turning ashy/grey.

​Reasons for premature fading - Tanning beds and sunbathing or excessive exposure to UV rays/ Not using sun protection/ Smoking/ Fast metabolism/ Excessive exfoliation or harsh cleansers/ Anti-ageing products and Retinols/ Other daily medications or antibiotics

Healing Process 

Day of service: It’s normal for your eyes to feel puffy, tight, and tender. Your eyes will most likely be swollen and possibly lightly bruised as eyes are a very vascular, sensitive area. Swelling usually goes down within hours, and bruising will fade over a few days.

​Day 2: The swelling should have gone by now and the colour will look darker/ more intense because of this - Your eyeliner will not heal this dark. Your eyes may feel tighter but this is just the film developing and protecting your healing skin.

Days 3 - 5: You may start to notice the film looking dry or flaky. Leave the film alone when it starts to lift from the skin – picking it will cause irritation, can cause scarring and will bring colour out of the skin resulting in unevenness and blank spots.

Days 6 - 10: Once the film has fully lifted, the ink implanted can look around 50% lighter, and may have also shrank in size slightly (around the edges and in the lash line).

Although you will feel as though your eyes are healed at this point, they’re not quite there yet. Please treat the area with care for the next 4-6 weeks as your skin is still regenerating and needs time to settle down.
Weeks 6-8: As your healing skin settles down you should notice the colour blooming and some definition returning. The colour will probably still feel a little light as you were used to having such dark eyeliner for the first few days, but this is what the top up is for. If you liked your eyeliner when you left the first appointment (shape, colour, style etc.), we will do the exact same thing again at your touch up. It’s always easier to add more ink and go darker at the top up, than it is to reverse going too dark at your first session.
After your touch up: The ink usually holds better as we are building on top of that first layer. Your eyeliner won’t fade as much and will feel and look healed quicker than the first time.​


It’s important to wait until your eyes are properly healed before making a final judgement about them. This treatment is a two-step process requiring patience (with some clients needing further touch ups) to get the full desired look.
Healing is specific to each client and it’s important to realise that you’ll need a colour boost every 2-5 years to maintain the vibrancy of your eyeliner. Permanent makeup is an art, not a science, and it is an enhancement to your natural features. Your results will vary and eyeliner products may still be needed, especially when wearing heavier make up. This is not necessarily a no maintenance treatment, but a low maintenance treatment. No two sides of the face are the same or perfectly symmetrical and whilst trying to obtain perfect symmetry is my goal, nothing is guaranteed or 100% perfect.
Cosmetic tattooing is generally softer and less solid than a body tattoo as the aim is to a natural enhancement. Specially formulated cosmetic inks that can break down over time are used, as over the years this ages better and allows for changes. This, combined with the fact that faces are generally oilier than other parts of the body, and that faces are usually more exposed to UV rays, environmental pollutants, products such as make up, cleansers and exfoliants, is why top ups are required over the years.


✔ Do

• Use an icepack (wrapped in something clean) if your eyelids feel swollen and there is bruising present.
• Sleep slightly upright if swelling is present.
• Keep your eyes as clean and dry as you can for the first 7-10 days, to prevent a thick scab forming.
• Turn the temperature of your shower down - Dont worry if you get them wet, but blot the area dry with clean kitchen roll as soon as possible. 
• Avoid steamy baths, showers, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for the first 14 days.
​• Avoid intense sweaty exercise for 14 days. Light, gentle exercising is okay after 3-4 days.
​• Avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks.

✘ Don’t


•Do not wear contact lenses for the first 5-10 days - Please wear glasses instead where required. 
• Sleep on your front for the first few days – this will stop your fresh eyeliner sticking to your pillow case.
• Touch or scratch your eyelashes / eyeliner – Touching and picking will cause irritation, loss of pigment and possible infection.
• Put make-up, cleansers, lotions (other than provided) on or close to your eyelashes/ lash line for 1-2 weeks to avoid irritation & cross contamination.
• Have facials, lash extensions, lash tinting or other face beauty treatments done for 2 weeks to avoid irritation and cross contamination.
• Use sunbeds, chemical peels or any strong face treatment (unless it's underneath your cheekbones) for 4 weeks as your skin will not be healed.


• Make sure you wear a daily SPF to protect your eyeliner (if winged), and a higher one when on holiday.
• If sunbathing or using tanning beds, please keep your eyes covered. UV exposure leads to faded, grey eyeliner.
• Do not use anti-aging creams, chemical peels, acids or retinols on or close to your eyeliner ever! 



​First 1-2 hours: Firmly but gently blot your lash line / winged eyeliner every 10 mins to absorb any excreting lymph fluid.
This is to prevent it drying on your eyelids, creating a thick scab. Clients with oilier skin will find they produce more lymph fluid.

You will be provided with a saline wash pod - If you feel that you need to rinse out your eyes, please use this to prevent infection. 


If you leave your appointment and feel that you have something in your eye, please visit a Pharmacy and ask for a thick eyedrop. Rinse your eyes with the saline pod at the soonest opportunity and use the eyedrops as instructed. 

​After you have cleansed and dried your eyelids, let them air dry for a few minutes. IF YOU FEEL IT IS NEEDED apply a tiny amount of aftercare balm to your eyeliner so that it’s slightly moisturised, NOT GREASY.

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